Video Surveillance Equipment – Drive Cam

When a commercial fleet partners with a video surveillance equipment company, the commercial fleets are reporting a 40 percent reduction in insurance claims which has led to a 30 percent reduction in insurance premiums. Most importantly video surveillance equipment saves lives by improving the way people drive.

About Video Surveillance Equipment

Video surveillance equipment analyzes behind the wheel behaviors to predict and prevent risky driving behaviors that may lead to collisions. The system combines sight and sound, expert analysis, and driver coaching.

A video event recorder is mounted behind the rearview mirror. It captures sights and sounds inside and outside the vehicle. Trigger forces such as hard braking, swerving, sudden acceleration, and collision cause the recorder to save the critical 10 seconds immediately before and after the negative driving event. The events are then analyzed and used in driver coaching programs to improve driving behavior and reduce driver risk.

Driving behaviors that can be tracked:

  • violations of traffic laws
  • violations of defensive driving principles
  • aggressive driving
  • violations of company policy

Initially, employees felt that the drive cams would be an invasion of privacy. Once they realized that the cameras were activated only by their driving behavior, not by management curiosity, the system has been accepted. Drivers can also manually activate the equipment to record negative driving behaviors of others.

Studies show that unsafe driving habits are the cause of most car or truck accidents. Statistics show that video surveillance equipment encourages drivers to improve their driving habits, reducing number of accidents. This saves lives.

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