Minnesota Personal Injury Lawyer: Spinal Injury

Spinal cord injuries usually begin with a blow that fractures or dislocates the vertebrae, the bone discs that make up your spine. Most injuries do not sever the spinal cord. Instead, the blow will displace bone fragments and disc material, bruise ligaments, tear into cord tissue, or press down on the nerve parts that carry signals. This compression of the nerve can crush and destroy axons, … [Read more...]

You Need a Minnesota Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you are struggling to negotiate with insurance companies, organize and file the paperwork, do physical therapy, - and work; you need an experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney. A legal expert will administer all aspects of your accident lawsuit and may increase your compensation exponentially. Vic and Tracy were injured in a significant motorcycle accident. Each of them broke several bones … [Read more...]

MN Injury Lawyer: Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

With rising gas prices and a tighter economy, motorcycle riding is become more popular and appeals to a new set of enthusiasts – the older and more affluent crowd. It is not surprising that motorcycle accident fatalities have increased every year over the past ten years and with a significant jump in the number of deaths aged 40 and older. If you have been in a motorcycle accident, it is vital to … [Read more...]