MN Car Accident Lawsuit: Is it right for me?

Many people wonder whether they should call an attorney about their car accident. There is no set answer. You will have to weigh the benefits of filing a car accident claim. Do not take too long; evidence needs to be gathered and memories become inaccurate with time. In the meantime, do not sign any insurance papers and refrain from talking to the authorities any further. Evaluate Your Car … [Read more...]

MN Personal Injury Lawyer: Car Accidents or Collisions?

The phrase car accident may become obsolete. When the word accident is used, it implies unavoidable and unintentional. It shifts the responsibility away from the driver. Many people have started to call them car collisions, especially in drunk driving cases where it was intentional to drive after drinking. Some reports show that more than 90% of all collisions are due to driver error: poor … [Read more...]