Texting and Driving

Cell phones are an integral part of our lives. In fact, some statistics show that there are more cell phone subscribers than registered vehicles. The urgent question is, How dangerous and deadly is it to operate the two at the same time? Many studies are starting to show that dialing and texting are the most dangerous activities to do while driving, leading to more accidents than even drunk … [Read more...]

MN Injury Lawyer: Radiofrequency Neurotomies – RFN

Whiplash, sustained in a car accident or truck accident, can cause severe neck pain. If imaging shows no neck injury, your doctor will first recommend treatment through non-invasive measures. These treatments offer remediation for soft tissue injuries and include: medication behavior modification physical therapy chiropractic adjustment injections into the joint If the pain does not abate … [Read more...]

Minnesota Personal Injury Lawyer: Tinnitus

There are approximately 2 million people, in the U.S., who suffer from tinnitus and have applied for disability based on tinnitus alone; some due to airbags deploying. Many people find it debilitating because it is hard to sleep, concentrate, read, or interact with people. Some people even suffer clinical depression as a result of tinnitus. Each person has their own tolerance level. What Is … [Read more...]

Minnesota Personal Injury Lawyer: Spinal Injury

Spinal cord injuries usually begin with a blow that fractures or dislocates the vertebrae, the bone discs that make up your spine. Most injuries do not sever the spinal cord. Instead, the blow will displace bone fragments and disc material, bruise ligaments, tear into cord tissue, or press down on the nerve parts that carry signals. This compression of the nerve can crush and destroy axons, … [Read more...]

MN Car Accident Lawsuit: Is it right for me?

Many people wonder whether they should call an attorney about their car accident. There is no set answer. You will have to weigh the benefits of filing a car accident claim. Do not take too long; evidence needs to be gathered and memories become inaccurate with time. In the meantime, do not sign any insurance papers and refrain from talking to the authorities any further. Evaluate Your Car … [Read more...]