Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury

There is more research being done on the use of hyperbaric chamber treatments to improve traumatic brain injury outcomes by increasing oxygen concentration. With increased oxygen concentration, the blood increases its capacity (quantity) and capabilities (quality) to carry oxygen, leading to increased oxygen saturation and regeneration of cells. The capabilites are increased due to growth of new capillaries stimulated by the Hyperbaric chamber treatments.

Hyperbaric chamber treatments have been used for many years to treat:

  • the bends (decompression sickness)
  • carbon monoxide poisoning
  • gangrene
  • thermal burns
  • bone infections
  • skin grafts
  • tissue infections
  • wounds that will not heal due to poor circulation

According to the advocate.com, “Dr. Paul Harch, a clinical associate professor with the LSU Interim Public Hospital in New Orleans, presented the cases of 15 military veterans [Iraq] during a meeting of the Eighth World Congress of the International Brain Injury Association in Washington, D.C. The cases all involved veterans who were helped by the treatments. The study shows a 15-point increase in IQ in little more than a month, great reduction in depression, four times the expected improvements in . . . headaches and sleep disturbances, and great improvements in post-traumatic stress disorder.”

The cost of hyberbaric chamber treatments vary greatly according to the facility, as does the number of recommended treatments for optimal cell regeneration. The treatments have been shown to be effective even 2-3 years after the traumatic brain injury.

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