TSR InjuryLaw represents one of the 7 victims from the Hazelnut E coli outbreak

On March 4 2011 the Food and Drug Administration released a recall of several brand names of hazelnuts and mixed nuts manufactured by Defranco & Sons out of Los Angeles. To date there have been seven known cases of e coli outbreaks in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin due to the consumption of these nuts. TSR Injury Law represents one of the 7 victims from the Hazelnut E coli outbreak. We … [Read more...]

Graco Recall on Strollers – Product Liability

On January 20, 2010, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the Graco Children's Products, Inc., announced a voluntary recall of the following products. Consumers should stop using the recalled products immediately until the remedy is provided, which is a free protective cover repair kit. Name of Product: Graco's Passage™, Alano™, and Spree™ Strollers and Travel … [Read more...]

Perspective on Tort Reform from a Minnesota Personal Injury Lawyer

The American Tort Reform Foundation (ATRF) released its 8th Annual report documenting what they refer to as "litigation abuses" in order to identify areas where they feel justice does not prevail and then to provide ideas on how to bring balance and accuracy back to the judicial system in these areas. They refer to the litigation abuses as Judicial Hellholes®. They claim that in certain areas … [Read more...]

Minnesota: A Model for Medical Malpractice Suits

Tort reform is not the answer. It will not lower health insurance rates. It will not lower health care costs. It will not reduce doctors' premiums. Rather, it will penalize the most critically injured patients. Furthermore, it will reduce the pressure on medical professionals to avoid careless medical errors. The focus should be on reducing the number of medical errors. Currently in the United … [Read more...]

Tort Reform: Not the Fix for Health Care System

In an effort to shift the blame for our country's health care crisis away from private insurers and onto the legal system, proponents of tort reform say there are three reasons for the surge in health care expenses: defensive medicine frivolous lawsuits high malpractice insurance premiums driving doctors out of business The Truth of the Matter: Defensive Medicine Does Not Increase Health … [Read more...]