Boating: Play! It Safe

School's out for the summer! . . . and everyone seems to be hitting the lakes. If you are a boater, remember to use common sense and follow some basic safety guidelines. It could be the difference between life and death. According to the DNR, Minnesota has the most boats per capita in the nation. But, boating is more than just fun. It is a responsibility. The number one reason for boating … [Read more...]

Biking: Play! It Safe

Summer is a great time to get outside on your bike and enjoy nature. It is very tempting to throw caution to the wind and live dangerously. Television, movies, video games, and commercials can lure a risk-taking public into pushing the limits. We would like to encourage people to think through all of the consequences prior to embarking on an adventure. There are definitely some risks worth … [Read more...]

Minnesota Product Liability Attorney: Graco High Chair Recall

Graco has issued a recall on 1.2 million Harmony™ High Chairs that were manufactured from November 2003 - December 2009. There is a problem with the "screws that hold the front legs in place." The screws can loosen and fall out. If that occurs, additional stress will be placed on the plastic brackets on the rear legs. It some cases the bracket will crack, allowing the high chair to become unstable … [Read more...]

McDonald's Coffee Case: Lawsuit Verdict Defended

Liebeck v. McDonald's, "The McDonald's Coffee Case", has been widely misreported and misunderstood. The jury's award was for $200,000 in compensatory damages and $2.7 million for punitive damages (equal to only 2 days of McDonald's coffee sales). Punitive damages were allowed because McDonalds' conduct was deemed reckless, callous, and willful. Stella Liebeck was found 20% negligent, reducing the … [Read more...]

Hennepin Minneapolis Bike Box and Bike Lane

In 1980, Hennepin and 1st Avenue were converted to one-way streets in an effort to minimize air pollution downtown. Now that car emissions have been improved, Hennepin and 1st Avenue are reverting back to two-way streets to save downtown businesses by making it easier to get to the business of your choice — no more going around the block ad nauseum. Along with the change in traffic flow, bike … [Read more...]