MN Personal Injury Lawyer: Car Accidents or Collisions?

The phrase car accident may become obsolete. When the word accident is used, it implies unavoidable and unintentional. It shifts the responsibility away from the driver. Many people have started to call them car collisions, especially in drunk driving cases where it was intentional to drive after drinking. Some reports show that more than 90% of all collisions are due to driver error:

  • poor judgment
  • excessive speed
  • slow reaction time
  • physical limitations
  • lack of attentiveness

It is important to be diligent after a car accident / car collision. Important facts and details need to be written down immediately. It would also be a good idea to take pictures with your cell phone. The more you have observed and recorded the more credibility you establish. It will also make your case easier to prove in a court of law, with a jury of peers. These are some of the things you should write down:

  • How you were feeling before and during the accident – how recently you ate, had you taken any medication, headache, were you happy, sad, upset
  • The weather conditions – rain, snow, ice, how hot / cold, sun brightly shining, fog
  • Exact time of day – to establish the angle of the sun, the amount of light
  • Road and traffic signs and their condition – was the stop light working, the stop sign visible, were the signs in place (for a sharp curve, etc), were the roads and lanes painted properly
  • Observation about the other vehicle / vehicles involved – bald tires, broken mirrors, broken headlights or tail lights
  • Car system failure – were your brakes mushy, cruise control working, power steering feeling fine
  • Any distractions or obstructions – animals, cones in the road, potholes, rocks, pieces of wood / trash, roadkill

All of this information can be used to build a strong, credible case for your insurance company, police officer, or for a lawsuit.

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