MN Car Accident Lawsuit: Is it right for me?

Many people wonder whether they should call an attorney about their car accident. There is no set answer. You will have to weigh the benefits of filing a car accident claim. Do not take too long; evidence needs to be gathered and memories become inaccurate with time. In the meantime, do not sign any insurance papers and refrain from talking to the authorities any further.

Evaluate Your Car Accident

These ideas should help you assess your car accident and determine whether you want to speak to a legal professional.

If you have any of these questions, you may want to seek legal guidance:

  • Are other types of insurance coverage available?
  • Is my insurance provider acting in bad faith?
  • Do I wonder how to best handle negotiations with the insurance company?
  • Do I know my rights?
  • Do I have questions about the terms of my insurance policy?
  • Am I confused by all of the forms and paperwork?

If any of these statements are true, you should seek legal counsel immediately:

  • An injury was sustained that required a hospitalization (broken bones, concussion)
  • A permanent injury was sustained (joint damage, paralysis)
  • A death occurred
  • Other parties involved (car, pedestrian, bicyclist)
  • Accident happened in a construction area (additional insurance to pursue)
  • Police report has major discrepancies from what you remember
  • You have low insurance limits / inadequate coverage
  • Your insurer calls in an attorney

After evaluating your car accident case, if you decide to seek legal assistance, call TSR Injury Law at 612-TSR-TIME for a free consultation or submit our contact form. Our partners are expert personal injury attorneys and are consistently named Super Lawyers and Chuck Slane has been named to the Minnesota Top 40 Personal Injury Attorneys. We will review your case, answer your questions, and help you win the compensation you deserve.

Types of Car Accident Cases We Handle